These healing  sulfur waters under the earth , are classified cold (below 34 º C), warm (34-35 ° C), warm (36-40 ° C) and extreme temperatures (40-42 º C temperature) as and interests it has Various gases, minerals, salts and underground sources containing radioactive materials is called thermal.

Ridos Thermal Hotel & Spa have shown the close attention and your cooperation thank ederiz.oteli Our Paradise Valley 30 acres of land across the board, away from the city noise and stress , in  pine forests , amidst a natural wonder topics , With oxygen-rich air, organic food , lime , thyme, pine-scented air , birds singing and healing stream flowing between purl offers a resort atmosphere . Ridos Thermal Hotel & SPA has the largest congresses, seminars , meetings Room of the Black Sea region.


Ridos Thermal Hotel & Spa center holds the necessary certificates within the scope of the regulation of thermal  waters issued by  the, Ministry of Health. The thermal water containing fluoride and thermonuclear come out of he thermal spring located 260 meters deep  ( the mineral percentage is 1 liter  / 4542)  Can be used for several diseases

Spring Water cure for many diseases:

Neck – back – hips – knee – nerves – Rheumatology – Sensitive skin – Eczema – coincidences – joint pain

Skin cracks and Altedeil – accelerates wound healing after injuries and operations – activates the nerve center – relieves pressure stress

Stomach pain after childbirth for women – helps to burn excess fat for obesity