One of the most effective purification method is known as a sauna. For your enjoyment, then a mix of thermal to defecate, one for male and other for female and the third for both , special three sauna in total will be in the service of our esteemed guests.

Why we entered the sauna?

Sauna is the medium of rest and relaxation for all of us. Besides, a fit to the people in gaining a great impact resistance and provides beautiful, energetic and healthy. use sauna an excellent way to stay diet. The contributions in body resistance and body health is important attributes. Benefits of sauna therapy has been documented by experts.


• the upper level of the skin layer is increased to 10 ° C than normal temperature , but also the skin layers 1 ° C below the normal temperature increases. substances in the body which is opposed to these diseases increases antibody production .
• Because the blood vessels dilate, blood flow is accelerated. Our organism to maintain a constant body temperature by cooling the skin works Reacts intense sweating . Of dead cells on the skin is cleaned and revitalized . Is soft and has a smooth surface .
• Heavy sweating , water and toxins in the human body adjusts the balance . The reason that causes muscle pain as lactic acid is shown disposed through perspiration .
• Sauna , while the passive situation of human aqueous provide sweating . Thus, active sweating in the sauna sweating that occurs in contrast with fatigue fatigue is resolved.
• Regular sauna helps the airways to work more regularly .
• Sauna cardio- vascular system and blood pressure by positively affect the heart and all the cardio- vascular system is to make a stress-free training .
• Sauna , causes an increase in blood proteins . This increase , leads to the more oxygen to tissues .
• Sauna , increases the body’s resistance to external influences .
• If you want to get away from today’s stressful world, with family , with friends or alone , enjoying the sauna will do to your health and take time for yourself .
• Sauna and toxins through sweating helps balance the body’s water . Sauna and cardio vascular system is very important in terms of health effects on blood pressure are very helpful . By way of sweating enter the sauna regularly opening the pores and skin of dead cells detaching extremely smooth and allows you to get a live view .
• accelerating the circulatory system by regulating Sauna , especially improves blood proteins , provides oxygen to the cells to go more intense .