Our mission:

Monitoring the developments in the tourism industry in innovation and provide the best services , guests will never forget the smiling face on the basis of hospitality.

This region most preferred and have a high success rate which return  to be the most valuable brand.


Our vision :

Development oriented emphasis on our guests’ suggestions , a nationwide brand , to become a leader in this field .



• Smiley , sincerity,

• Hospitality ,

• Service quality,

• implement new ideas and concepts ,

• Guest satisfaction,

• Being a pioneer in this industry ,

• Reliability and commitment

• Response to the requests and suggestions of our guests .


Our goal :

Always maintain the quality of our products and services , innovative ideas and always sought more in this industry , to being the brand .


Our principle :

Ridos Thermal Hotel & Spa will remain in your memory ,  reflecting the hospitality and quality .