Ridos Thermal Hotel & Spa centre holds yhe necessary certificates within the scope of the regulation of thermal  waters issued by  the, Ministry of Health. The thermal water containing fleuride and thermoninerals come out of he thermal spring located 260 metres deep  ( the mineral percentage is 1 litre  / 4542)  cen be used for complementary and suppprtive treatmen at chronic periods of rheumatismal diseases, chronic back pain, joint dieases, soft tissue diesas, or for purposes of complementary treatment in cases of long term inability to move following orthopedic surgeries. brain and nervous system surgeries, in case of neurological diseases, stress  disordes. sports injuries and gynaecological diseases. It has positive rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle effect on the skin and is useful in  the treatment of various diseases of the skin ( eczame, acne, neure dermatitis. chronic residual urticaria, certain types of psoriasis) There is sauna. indoor thermal  pools . Turkish  hamam, skin care and beauty rooms, jacuzzi baths, kese  ( peeling gloves ) and foam bath applications, massage rooms where 18 diffirent types of massage techniques are employed, and physiotherapy units in the spa wellness section